Near Villers-Vaudey are many tourist, cultural and recreational attractions:

First of all, Villers-Vaudey itself!
The town and its surroundings are very attractive for those who love peace and beautiful nature.
Beautiful winding roads between fields of sunflowers are just a fraction of the natural beauty that resides here.

The source of the Maas can be found about 40 km from Villers-Vaudey, near Bourbonne les-Bains.
We can now offer a wine tasting at about 8 miles from our house. Of course you can extend the Saône to do watersports.
A boat, Kanu or pedal boat rental (for short or long periods) is an ideal way to see some of the region while keeping your head a little cool.

The culture freaks can indulge in the nearby village Vesoul in 1 of the many museums.
There are:
- Musée de la moto tout terrain, a motormusem. Admission is free.
- Musée de Geroges Garret. And Museam about the artist and his work. This museum is also open all year.

Of course there are other museums and cultural attractions outside Vésoul:
- Château de Ray-sur-Saône, 12 km from Villers-Vaudey
- Musée Morice Lipsi, at 30km from Villers-Vaudey.
An outdoor museam where sculptures are made tentoot.
- Château de Rupt-sur-Saône, a magnificent castle at 18 km from Villers-Vaudey.

We help you further in our house for more information on the sightseeing.
For pictures, please take a look at the photo gallery.

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